Orion the Beagle

Puppy troubles

Puppy time, incredibly cute but dear god so much work. He has to go out every two (!) hours. I am relieved that he sleeps through the night, but my life now just revolves around Orion pee and poo schedule. I would love to be able to put a diaper on him, the worst part is I even looked for them and the exist! I would defeat the whole purpose of housetraining him so I won’t and in all fairness he is doing amazing, he whines when he to go wee instead of doing it inside, so I’m proud. But there is a part in me that is still longing for the day that he is a grown up dog. Well behaved, being able to wait for the walks.

Take my shoes, there are holes in them. Part age and big part Orion. He loves them, sneaks them in his bed when he thinks we aren’t watching. Boyfriend’s sandals the same deal. Got a photo of that I believe. Then on our walks he can hold a serious grudge against others. If they barked at him once he will never forget, so when we see this dog he just barks. Slowly we are training him to stop this, but I feel slightly embarrassed when he does this even though he (so far) is one of the better trained dogs in this area.

Don’t get me wrong I love him so so much and I would do anything for the little monster, but the puppy time is quite tough. Tougher then I ever imagined it would be. And there are moments that I wonder why we have him, or if he is even happy and what if we are raising a monstrous killer dog or whatever. But then he falls asleep against you, snuggles is and starts his little cute puppy snore and you feel so proud. He sits on command, and lies down and stays for a couple seconds. He can give paw and he knows fistbump! Yes people, we got a dog that knows fistbump! I mean that is awesome right! He listens quite well and walking him of leash is really good, so I am proud of him. Our little Orion, but still there are times I would like him to  be a grown up, but then I’ll write a post longing back to puppy time.




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