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Writing goals

So it’s been a while, well a couple of days to be precise. It has been quite busy to be honest, Easter weekend so boyfriend was home a couple of days (Yes I was thrilled for it <3). We took Orion on this really long walk, lovely weather and a perfect excuse for a bit of leash training. He did it amazing, he only at a moldy fish bone and some horse shit, so all in all good!

Can you imagine what must have happend before to call this good.

Anyways I was glad that boyfriend was there to pull it out of his mouth, I pulled a dead frog out of his mouth he had the shits for days after that. The worst part about stuff like that (apart from the obvious) is that people just stand around watching, and then they have to comment. Like why?! Why do you have to comment? Oh that is just what beagles do *laughter8* And then all I can think is, that doesn’t mean that it does not hurt him. Yes, I might have to pay more attention to certain things, but come on! Him being a beagle doesn’t give anyone an excuse to stop paying attention to it

*rant over*

Back to last week. As a kid I used to write quite a lot and I’ve decided to properly pick this up again. I have been doing a lot of research and figured out the subject I want to write about, okay that was not the hard part. I have always been a sucker for fantasy, namely Elves. Don’t know why, but  I adore them. They are supposed to be these incredible, amazing creatures with so much wisdom, I love it! So I’ll be writing 24/7 now me thinks 😀 I’ll put up a link as well for those curious enough.

I have to admit I don’t have that  much to tell about the cats this time.We hang up a Feliway last week and they seem to be a bit nicer and cuddlier to each other. Surprised that works, and really glad again for obvious reasons. But other then that is has been really quiet there. Oh no, wait! Brownie is this ADHD ragdoll and we’ve been thinking to walk him with the dog. Not all walks of course, but mainly the morning or evening one when there are barely any people out and about. I’ll be training with him in the house first and then slowly we’ll be taking him out, and hopefully he is able to burn of some energy and leave our house whole. When we take him outside I’ll film it as well to put it up. Bound to be a fun little video!



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