Orion the Beagle

Puppy troubles

Puppy time, incredibly cute but dear god so much work. He has to go out every two (!) hours. I am relieved that he sleeps through the night, but my life now just revolves around Orion pee and poo schedule. I would love to be able to put a diaper on him, the worst part is I even looked for them and the exist! I would defeat the whole purpose of housetraining him so I won’t and in all fairness he is doing amazing, he whines when he to go wee instead of doing it inside, so I’m proud. But there is a part in me that is still longing for the day that he is a grown up dog. Well behaved, being able to wait for the walks.

Take my shoes, there are holes in them. Part age and big part Orion. He loves them, sneaks them in his bed when he thinks we aren’t watching. Boyfriend’s sandals the same deal. Got a photo of that I believe. Then on our walks he can hold a serious grudge against others. If they barked at him once he will never forget, so when we see this dog he just barks. Slowly we are training him to stop this, but I feel slightly embarrassed when he does this even though he (so far) is one of the better trained dogs in this area.

Don’t get me wrong I love him so so much and I would do anything for the little monster, but the puppy time is quite tough. Tougher then I ever imagined it would be. And there are moments that I wonder why we have him, or if he is even happy and what if we are raising a monstrous killer dog or whatever. But then he falls asleep against you, snuggles is and starts his little cute puppy snore and you feel so proud. He sits on command, and lies down and stays for a couple seconds. He can give paw and he knows fistbump! Yes people, we got a dog that knows fistbump! I mean that is awesome right! He listens quite well and walking him of leash is really good, so I am proud of him. Our little Orion, but still there are times I would like him to  be a grown up, but then I’ll write a post longing back to puppy time.



Entire Family

Writing goals

So it’s been a while, well a couple of days to be precise. It has been quite busy to be honest, Easter weekend so boyfriend was home a couple of days (Yes I was thrilled for it <3). We took Orion on this really long walk, lovely weather and a perfect excuse for a bit of leash training. He did it amazing, he only at a moldy fish bone and some horse shit, so all in all good!

Can you imagine what must have happend before to call this good.

Anyways I was glad that boyfriend was there to pull it out of his mouth, I pulled a dead frog out of his mouth he had the shits for days after that. The worst part about stuff like that (apart from the obvious) is that people just stand around watching, and then they have to comment. Like why?! Why do you have to comment? Oh that is just what beagles do *laughter8* And then all I can think is, that doesn’t mean that it does not hurt him. Yes, I might have to pay more attention to certain things, but come on! Him being a beagle doesn’t give anyone an excuse to stop paying attention to it

*rant over*

Back to last week. As a kid I used to write quite a lot and I’ve decided to properly pick this up again. I have been doing a lot of research and figured out the subject I want to write about, okay that was not the hard part. I have always been a sucker for fantasy, namely Elves. Don’t know why, but  I adore them. They are supposed to be these incredible, amazing creatures with so much wisdom, I love it! So I’ll be writing 24/7 now me thinks 😀 I’ll put up a link as well for those curious enough.

I have to admit I don’t have that  much to tell about the cats this time.We hang up a Feliway last week and they seem to be a bit nicer and cuddlier to each other. Surprised that works, and really glad again for obvious reasons. But other then that is has been really quiet there. Oh no, wait! Brownie is this ADHD ragdoll and we’ve been thinking to walk him with the dog. Not all walks of course, but mainly the morning or evening one when there are barely any people out and about. I’ll be training with him in the house first and then slowly we’ll be taking him out, and hopefully he is able to burn of some energy and leave our house whole. When we take him outside I’ll film it as well to put it up. Bound to be a fun little video!



Birthday boy Adonis!

Happy Birthday Adonis.

This day, four years ago, I would have never thought I would even own a pedigree pet. I used to have two cats, Mystique (yes the same one) and Destiny. Destiny was this very playful black cat, who sometimes terrorised Myst. But they were friends, slept together (sometimes) and they were just brothers. Acted like that.

But then on one day, Destiny fell of a balcony. I searched for hours that first day, it was in the middle of the night when I went back inside. My throat was hurting, my eyes were burning and I just felt horrible. The next day I made sure all animal websites had him as missing and I put posters all around town. Almost two, maybe three weeks later I got a phone call from the Animal Shelter saying they might have found him. He was dead, hit by a car. I went to have a look. My mum came with me, couldn’t bare to do it on my own. He was not Destiny, I truly hope they have found the owners of that cat, but he wasn’t mine. Meanwhile I kept my search going, but there was no sign of him anywhere. Mystique was getting lonely and looked worse and worse each passing day. Slowly the thought came up that I might needed to get a friend for him. Another cat he can play with, a buddy and a brother. How? I didn’t want to go to a shelter, who knows how those cats are with other animals, Mystique was difficult enough as it was. So the choice was made, a Pedigree pet. I looked around and soon I found the Ragdoll. Beautiful blue eyes, the softest fur and (they say) the most laid back, friendly cats. Don’t need a lot of space, just a lot of love. Quickly I found a breeder and I fell in love with Adonis. I had to wait several weeks before I could get him and those weeks felt like months, but finally there he was, in my home. My first pedigree pet I loved him!

Adonis kitten

He and Mystique aren’t as I had hoped like brothers, but they get a long. Have their up and downs which is normal I guess. His personality is lovely tho. He is so lazy, sleeps up to 20 hours a day or so. Get so incredibly grumpy when he doesn’t get enough sleep. Likes to chase the other animals around the house, will never hurt anyone tho. In the mornings and evenings he says hello by lying on your chest. He truly is an amazing cat and I am thankful everyday that I have him!

Happy Birthday Adonis, tonight you will get a nice treat from us! You are loved my boy!

Entire Family

The first chapter

So, hello there!

You found my lovely blog, probably wondering what on earth you are doing here, who is the lunatic writing. Or well, that was my thought. Might not be completely fair to copy my thoughts on to you.

How do you start a blog I wonder. The plan is to simply write about my life and the crazy things that happen. But while I am writing the house is really quiet, don’t get me wrong, I love this! No cats jumping around hissing at everything, or a dog who is trying to chew his way through the sofa. So let’s start from the beginning. Who am I, but way more interesting who are they.

My name is Dina, I live in the Netherlands and currently I am studying to become a teacher so one day I can teach English to Dutch students.
I live with my boyfriend in a small town in the middle of The Netherlands and we share our apartment with too many animals. Three cats and a dog, and yes they create a mess you will not believe.

The oldest one is a beautiful black cat called Mystique. He is now 7 years old and when I got him I was watching the X-Men. He has always been a bit moody and on his own, but he does love the occasional bit of attention. He prefers to stay away from the other monsters, but at times (mainly when the others are asleep, cause timing) he wants to play with them, which ends up in a hissing fest cause he suddenly remembers he doen’t like playing.

Then we got the two Ragdolls, Adonis and Brownie, both 4 years old. The most adorable, loving, fluffy breed of cats you will ever see. With those beautiful blue eyes they will melt you! Adonis is the lazy one, seriously he sleeps close to 20 hours a day. I know a cats sleep a-lot, but he takes it to the next level. Brownie on the other hand (I believe Adonis sleeps for the two of them) has energy enough for several cats. He charges around the house, jumps on and off things, scratches on doors and he meows like crazy, but what makes it so funny is that he is really clumsy. When he jumps, its like 50/50 if he makes it. It’s gotten a lot better over the years tho if you are willing to believe that.

And the we got last but not least Orion the Beagle. A little monster, filled with energy and curiosity and enough trouble to keep you busy all day. Born on the 13th of January 2017, so basically a newborn puppy, whom we love so, so much. He really wants to play with the cats, so he charges around when he sees them. Sniffs their bottoms, even saw him trying to hump Adonis once. Of course they don’t like it, so he is learning really quick to keep a lil bit of distance.

This was more text then I planned to begin with, but it’s a start. An introduction into my life. I will keep on writing on the things that happen around here and what our solutions are to certain things, but if you want to know anything in particular write a comment, or fill in the contact page!